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Cooking Parties

Gather your friends together for a rousing good time! Lunch or Dinner! Create new dishes and enjoy trying them!


Share cooking adventures! Make up stories! Laugh! Return home inspired!

All the host does is choose the theme/menu and invite friends! I buy the food, prepare it and share my techniques and tips while cooking for the gathering. Once the dishes are ready, they are presented and served in a lovely, memorable way.

Contact me today and let's start planning some fun!

Screen Shot 2021-01-21 at 2.02.54 AM.png

Instead of paying $80+ and picking a cooking lesson from a list, or attending a lesson at a busy store with people you don't know, host your own home cooking party and choose what, when and where you want to learn in the privacy of your own home. You provide the guests, and I take care of the food and clean-up so that you can focus on the fun!*

*Hosts are responsible for beverages unless otherwise agreed to. Thank you.

The themes for a cooking party are endless!




(meat, veggies, pizza)

Heart Healthy,





and more!

Size recommended:

8 - 12 people

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